Freedom from the pain. Introduction. Zoya Yankovskaya

Zoya Yankovskaya

"Hello friends and guests, this is the first lesson for course for, you can say, brave seekers ready to go into the depth of the subconscious because in this course we will be learning a very very deeply detailed everything in the hard structured architectural system on how, in what ways, we create emotional suffering and emotional pain.
Well, it’s understood that it’s not very comfortable identifying that how is it that we create somehow emotional pain and that it has this layered architectural system, like, what are these mystical wisdoms? It seems, yes, that we are used to thinking that suffering happens, and any emotional discomfort happens from, from some sort of situations that life goes on not the way how we want it to go. Yes? And apparently, it’s not what is born in within but something that comes from the outer self, attacking us, and does something to us and is the cause that way, pain.

In other words, it’s kind of, it seems that there is Pont A from where we are moving from and moving to Point B, where we are expecting to receive something from this Point B. And we endow, kind of, situation some obligation of expectation that in the result, under certain obligations, this should be this and that and this way. Yes? And when we receive this unsatisfactory within a gap, of the moment on what we are expecting to receive from reality and what happened in the external reality, in turns out that that gap, appears within us in some kind of emotional, this uncertainty of unbalance within the inner dissatisfaction. Yes?

And it seems to us that that it’s all happening from our outer self. That like, it’s not us who created this conditional obligation and miscorrelation of this obligation, but something that happened from outside. Well, in true terms, of course, everything happens inside and nature itself, of suffering and emotional suffering, grief, sadness, upset, whatever you can call it, its one in the same and it, as you can say, has chemical and physical, biological nature. It’s an electromagnetic process, it’s a neurochemical process, protein. It all is an automatism which we are ourselves are creating constantly and for in that process of recreating out of that automatism nature of itself, in the unconsciously recreating, of the same thing over and over again a sense of inner feeling we are creating accordingly this feeling within certain actions that in turn strengthen our inner feelings of pain.
So, this is such a patterned cycle that we are creating and recreating and strengthening it on our own and we as a result in our lessons will see how not strange it is we will be working with physics and other subjects that may not have any relation to emotional pain. But you will soon see that it is the straightest path to that relationship because to understand this energy, and the key is in here in us, in our feelings, in our emotions. Well, emotions is an enacted feeling and it all has the one and the same basics and when we learn about these basics, everything will become so very clear, extremely, just, that the path from there will become very simple moving forward, in life; the trust in life and new and other, from these inner feelings will be growing new behaviour models, new scenarios in life, and outlook on life.
In good path"



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