Freedom from the pain. Lesson 3. Zoya Yankovskaya

Dear friends,
in this lesson we are making a short observation on everything we discussed in our previous lessons. And then slowly we’ll start practicing that. This will be very short and simple practices for each person who’s ready and you don’t need any special talent, ability, skills or experience. This is for everyone that’s ready to go into the depths of your own self-consciousness…without being timid.

In the previous lessons we learned that energy, in reality, cannot be in polarities the way the graph is truthfully. Energy is a clear flow with creative power, which after if its placed into specific conditions, it will become squeezed and heated. It will result in an eruption. 

And when this energy behaves like this, then its next step would be for it to divide into polarities which creates certain concepts like good and bad, creators and victims, predator and prey, and so on. So really this all happens due to the person being depressed. Growing in these circumstances of pressed tightness and control, total control. Falling in this situation right after being born. Yes? So if we have enough willpower to recognize it or have a fair look at it we see that we have fallen into a state of suppression as a new baby.

All of this conjugated tampering and stomping, it becomes some kind of broken system of condensation. This soul, this endless human soul, where everything is aimed at controlling a person. Dishonor and depersonalize and take away faith in yourself and then the system pushes the person ostensibly. Everything gives him some kind of way of survival and social life. The truth is the opposite way. Because the rammed person gets pushed into narrow frames, these ugly ways of survival which concludes into polarities of superiority and depression at the end he has only very little pathways for, not even his existence but just amorphous stage, some kind of everyday of the same endless routines. We can’t even call it life.

We might call these programs installation of society, which later are unconsciously transmitted, from generation to future generation, are the structures of an ego. It’s easier. In reality, of course, ego itself is also a concept. Because there is no ego that will exist by itself which would do things with a human soul. There’s paradigm where human consciousness is placed and these paradigm recognize as ego-structure. All of his neuron system, every cell have been programmed to compress itself, control, and try to reach something and all of this to pretend. Ostensibly to find a goal beyond the frame. Beyond self-control and self-hate, that’s real violence toward yourself. Believing to reach and find a gift from self freedom but he cannot reach freedom because he’s looking for it when his inside is caged.
He puts the whole life, or decades, into it. Yes? Eventually, he receives monstrous disappointment. Since he sought to build a new home, to have a son, or conquer the world. He or she cannot go beyond external expectations. He cannot genuinely discover himself because he was trying to seek freedom within but instead he’s put his whole life to look for it outside.

We can make polarities equal to our feelings, or sensation in our heart chakra. In this range we always have a permanent pain. A person runs from the pain somewhere outside. This is absurd to look for a remedy out of the internal world. When you have ache in your body, it is obvious because it appears on the surface. For example, when my foot hurts, I will heal the local spot with plaster, yes? To get better.

But when there is a soul wound then it seems to us that we must look for solutions else where. Not trying to fix it locally.

I would like to say if we result to comparison to why there I pain in the heart, what is it? Where does it come from? How does it feel? In reality all of this we can truly compare to eclectic magnetic energy because that’s how it is. In general all that exists is magnetic like we can say matrix or space it doesn’t matter how we name it. Its still an endless universal magnetic. And when a person considers locally, if you look as him as an allusion, that he is separated magnets. Yes? Then we can see in his heart chakra there is a constant throbbing pain, which obviously occurred when consciousness is divided into parts. Its acts as two magnets that are facing the same pulling toward one another. And they pull from each other. They don’t unite.

When we go through training with doing specific simple exercise for integration energy, collapses. This is a genuine feeling. When energy come together then the magnets reassemble to attract each other. And so we acquire a sense of harmony. Integration happens when actually there’s connection. There’s no mix of chaos. Really through integration. In integration stage of consciousness. There are all things very structured and then the state of chaos flows to exists, so that there is no confusion. But the truth, sustaining chaos by existing is from polarities. Usually people have experienced family institute, kindergarten, school that brings a person to stressful split or small splinters in the heart.

Like you have multiple ruins in your soul. There is an issue of being because throwing in between what kind of person I am and what I am. And how I should prove and what I should do with my feelings of insignificance. It becomes so crushed that this turns into the state of chaos. And this kind of internal mash and feeling of discussion which some people have in the mornings some describe a pressure in the throat like they are a victim of nausea. They feel such a degree of disgust when they wake up and are aware of themselves. With this emotional sickness people come to life coaches for aid.

So when one has a long experience with suppression and when he gets a touch of freedom, he doesn’t know what to do with his freedom. In this way he apparently has thrown himself into a pseudo freedom. Here he experiences anarchy.

The word anarchy is when people say “If we give our full freedom…then we stop our control. Yeah then what will happen to them? They will arrange for us a mess, filled with lawlessness”.

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