Freedom from the pain. Lesson 1. Zoya Yankovskaya

For you to understand the nature of your emotions of pain, you need to first understand the nature of the behavior of atoms because they have similarities, there is no difference. To understand how atomic energy behaves, we need to analyze the behavior of atoms and molecule. For example lets take water molecules. A water molecule consists of one atom of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. In this water molecule the atoms always stick together.

Why they hold each other together in this triple union is magnetic energy? Any molecule has magnetic energy. Yes? Everything is magnetic energy. And then we talk about the space, we divide the space into visible and invisible parts, spiritual and physical. In fact, there is nothing there. It’s just our conceptual mind trying to divide. If we want to go deeper we go through atoms. We pass the atom to the electron. We’ll recognize polarities within it. We’ll see it’s the same thing. Electron it’s material because it is a vibration in space. It creates the illusion of density because it vibrates. Yes?

Well, step back to atom then we will understand that each molecule consist of some kind of unite among them. How are atoms behave when they are squeezed or heated? We know that they begin to have tantrums. When we want to understand any matter at the molecule level and learn its behavior. It’s enough to remember that when its heated it expands and when you cool the matter it shrinks. That’s the first thing we need to understand. When we are studying the behavior of an atomic energy, which lives in our hearts.

We just try to have some polarities to understand the basic things in understanding our emotions. So basically we need to understand two key aspects. One is matter is heating and expands. And during its cooling is compressed.

If it is in its maximum comfortable space and they are dancing and freely moving but suddenly they get pressed down. They become to protest. For every action there’s a reaction. So if they have a certain free space distances and when the start is decreased. They push back. It’s the same as protesting. If you start putting me down then I will respond with action, pushing back.  It’s the same on any level. Starting with atoms to our feelings. It works exact the same.

So the next moment when the atom gets heated, besides being pressed down, it gets heated and heated. It goes into an uncomfortable state. It will blow up.

Atomic energy is very simple’ press down, heats, that’s all. That you have an explosion. Now go back to the parallels to the emotional struggle. We need also to learn only two factors. So far a person to began to suffer to be squeezed and heated from inside. You can always see on someone’s face. When you increase a person comfort by creating emotional stress till he starts blushing. Very thing inside strives to explode.

What question do we get close to by understanding the nature of atomic? This question is about how a person is reborn. When a baby is born, they have included all these atoms which later gets pressed and heated in different situations. This creates explosion.

So if we cannot look at energy behavior as once looked at in religion like good and bad. And any kind of dualism which someone might believe that every new born baby born with those duality aspects and that some babies are good or bad, angry or kind, from the beginning. So some one might believe that a child can be born evil or good. There is an existence absolute evil and absolute good. As a creation of some kind of light force and dark force.

This belief is just a mind creation, which the mind creaks into opposite usual clean space energy. This energy behaves in a certain way depending on what we’re doing with it and the condition its in. In the beginning when a baby comes he is put into a box, squeezing the babies’ inside space. His atoms got compressed by being under restriction; sitting straight, not talking, and no body movements, never expressing his inspiration or true emotions. Basically, the only being a mannequin, you have the right of existence of such conditions.

So with an atomic energy, with my atomic energy has the same actions: it gets heated and squished under pressure, when put down, putting down my infinite nature. So when one comes into the world in tis endless potential of atomic energy in me and alive energy wants to get out and live, and exist in a permanent dance, being present just because it feels like it. There’s no way to find any conceptual logic for the atoms, there is no rules for them on how to behave or to move one direction or another; there is no pattern for them to follow or any regulations to follow. No.

Then one that comes to the world has a felling of dancing consciousness. They are just happy being here. But instead he got conditions and restrictions, same as with atoms. He gets squeezed and heated. This is an ideal environmental condition for the atomic energy explodes. So in this way religion confessions of good and bad or good men and bad men, it’s actually artificially created polarities which in reality, grew from misunderstanding the nature of energy behavior in certain situations.
Under certain circumstances in this way the humans consciousness and all of its external behavior tactics grew out of his depression and depends of its degree in childhood. Because of his neuron system formed during all these years in a squeezed and heated box, with his atomic system under pressure, as a result, he will reflect a variety of deformed forms. This will be very difficult to track in the future.

So it will be hard to figure out or impossible in later years to see results that he spent his time in preschool, where his parents were also being a continuation of this system. He understands many years later that his behavior are reactions from previous experiences of growing on a restricted box of course, it’s impossible to see the connection.

There is nonlinear processes. They were recycled again and again on a neuron level, emotional clusters. Basically on a neuron track like if there’s a deep track on a road and using this deep road, you keep riding on it on autopilot. Since you keep going using the track without thinking, you can not see or imagine other way, because you are enslaved like that squeezed and heated atom. You are fixed inside that box.

So, to figure out how you are fixed in your box and on what degree you are trapped inside, as well as the nature of your energies twisting - it’s impractical to see inside. The only way to see it is from outside. How can you cope with the pressure of water, suppress it and keep the pressure down. For example a fountain that you try to hold down. How can you do this? You can try to jam it. But how long will it stay there, in till an even bigger pressure of water to push through and explode. It breaks and that’s very bad. This breaks an unpleasant effect because it will destroy everything around.

There is no way to control it because this process is uncontrollable. When there is too much energy collected it can only explode. But here its important to remember, what we first talked about in the beginning of this video. One had needs in till a certain state during its growing period, its atomic system development, all his chemical accepting process are tied to his atomic heating. This atomic energy was heated and squeezed, pressed and exploded.

After all the body is formed in such conditions. When the whole body is a impersonation of conciseness the grows up in such condition, it can not comprehend any other way. It only behaves on autopilot. It’s protein automatism, it’s automatism which one doesn’t need any more usurper or any other supporter system or any mentors which would keep him squeezed  or heated. So he becomes the embodiment of the system himself. Of course he keeps translating his pattern to the next generation and others around him as a result. Wherein he continues to keep himself in the jail. Box of broken limited consciousness. It just keeps translating it unconsciously. Because to see what’s occurring with himself and with the world when he translates his model behavior, he cannot see them due to his lack of awareness and tools that will help him out of his template inside where he rotted. That’s the honest truth.

On this optimistic note, lets end this lesson.

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