A cluster heavy thoughts which we carry, like heavy emotional baggage, for the duration of our lives, which seem unresolvable CAN, IN FACT, BE UNTANGLED during a 2-hour session with the help of deep concentrated process work.
If you want to end your emotional traumas which for many years have been burning painfully inside your chest:
- we have developed a prerecorded video training - Consciousness Integration
- A cycle of individual sessions such as this video


Here is what Derrell had to say after the session:

"Brother, the insights I just received from that session have enlightened me in a way that I thought was no longer possible. I could literally see what was going on in my childhood that caused me to relate and communicate with people the way I do today.
It took me back to when I was very young and reliving what I really wanted from the loved ones around me. What I really wanted was not what I received and I have sadly repeated that blindness with my own children. I am striving daily to not do that with my granddaughters, but I can see that I will repeat it unless I deal with the underlying cause of guilt. I understand the steps of the process work much better now, as well.
Incredible, my dear friends, absolutely incredible. I am consumed by the desire to see what this process work can create in my life and with those, I care about and love most dearly. "

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