Видеодневник. 8. Я — шизофреник! И это звучит гордо!

Я шизофреник! Я эпилептик! Я невротик! И это звучит гордо!

«Вы все, здоровые люди и не подозреваете, что такое счастье, то счастье, которое испытываем мы, эпилептики, за секунду перед припадком… Не знаю, длится ли это блаженство секунды или часы, или вечность, но верьте слову, все радости, которые может дать жизнь, не взял бы я за него». Ф. М. Достоевский


Freedom from the pain. Lesson 5. Zoya Yankovskaya

It is not so easy, for one, to get out of the dualistic split. And this is not only because he is taught either to identify himself, or to fight, and not knowing, not understanding, never knowing the third point. Not only that. But also because he has a neural-chemical replanting, drug addiction. It is the same.

Because throughout life, such proteins and enzymes are formed from the state of resistance, enmity, fear, despondency. To these proteins and enzymes, the cells of the body, literally, are used to and experience this state as their own. That is, on the one hand, when such enzymes are allocated, the cells are depleted, and they spend their resources on a permanent recovery, scarification (I'll tell you in more detail later) to restore their burned, in a literal sense, plots. Such enzymes are produced from thought forms, which burn cells.  Читать далее

Freedom from the pain. Lesson 4. Zoya Yankovskaya

Dear friends,

Let's make a brief review of all that we have gone through the past lessons and sum it up, summarize it up so to speak. We have learned that the nature of any suffering is incredibly primitive in fact. Yes? It is simple and is born from a dualistic split, from an internal conflict, which in turn stems from the fact that in the beginning one has to learn how to compare and evaluate. And from here comes the countless number of so-called polarities.

That is the nature of dualism, it is not a limited number of internal conflicts and polarities that give birth and then a sense of inner chaos and despair in man, although he used to think that this is really something outside his insides tearing apart, and does something with it irreparable. But in reality, everything is exactly the opposite. Читать далее

Freedom from the pain. Lesson 3. Zoya Yankovskaya

Dear friends,
in this lesson we are making a short observation on everything we discussed in our previous lessons. And then slowly we’ll start practicing that. This will be very short and simple practices for each person who’s ready and you don’t need any special talent, ability, skills or experience. This is for everyone that’s ready to go into the depths of your own self-consciousness…without being timid.

In the previous lessons we learned that energy, in reality, cannot be in polarities the way the graph is truthfully. Energy is a clear flow with creative power, which after if its placed into specific conditions, it will become squeezed and heated. It will result in an eruption.  Читать далее

Freedom from the pain. Lesson 2. Zoya Yankovskaya

on the last lesson we discovered the behavior of atomic energy because it was very important for us to find a close parallelism in order to learn the behavior of our feelings, emotions. This is honestly very similar because our feelings are also created by tiny pieces and behave in similar, very similar ways, of identical ways in their physical components. When energy is compressed and heated, it behaves like gas like item, like an explosion. Yes? And our feelings behaves in the same way because in this same sense this gas like item that we simply do not see with our five senses.
Now there are devices, they’re been around for a long time, great devices that register our feelings, what and how those feelings that behave when you are focused on a specific focus in a device. And, now, this doesn't like any type of mystic or wisdom anymore.  Читать далее

Freedom from the pain. Lesson 1. Zoya Yankovskaya

For you to understand the nature of your emotions of pain, you need to first understand the nature of the behavior of atoms because they have similarities, there is no difference. To understand how atomic energy behaves, we need to analyze the behavior of atoms and molecule. For example lets take water molecules. A water molecule consists of one atom of oxygen and two hydrogen atoms. In this water molecule the atoms always stick together.

Why they hold each other together in this triple union is magnetic energy? Читать далее

Freedom from the pain. Introduction. Zoya Yankovskaya

Zoya Yankovskaya

"Hello friends and guests, this is the first lesson for course for, you can say, brave seekers ready to go into the depth of the subconscious because in this course we will be learning a very very deeply detailed everything in the hard structured architectural system on how, in what ways, we create emotional suffering and emotional pain.
Well, it’s understood that it’s not very comfortable identifying that how is it that we create somehow emotional pain and that it has this layered architectural system, like, what are these mystical wisdoms? It seems, yes, that we are used to thinking that suffering happens, and any emotional discomfort happens from, from some sort of situations that life goes on not the way how we want it to go. Yes? And apparently, it’s not what is born in within but something that comes from the outer self, attacking us, and does something to us and is the cause that way, pain. Читать далее

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